Wedding Websites

discover the art of inviting


Wedding Websites

discover the art of inviting

a wedding invitation ONLINE

Are you looking for a fabulous wedding invitation idea? A Wedding Website made for you by Lovebyte is the wedding invitation that lets you sip champagne and eat strawberries. It's a wedding invitation and interactive event guide in one exquisite online package that your friends and family will love! You get to communicate all the important information to wedding guests around the world without licking a single stamp!  Lovebyte is your secret to keeping calm while planning a wedding.

10 Reasons to choose A Wedding Website BY LOVEBYTE

Designed with you in mind

A Wedding Website can complement or replace traditional wedding stationery, reflecting and enhancing everything that makes your wedding special. From a simple Cover Page to a Mini Site or One Page Love ... these basic examples give you a tiny taste of where we can begin. Let's create a wedding website that blends beautifully with your wedding.

Professional Quality

When you choose Lovebyte, you step away from the world of free templates, mass production and DIY, and enter a niche space where your website is professionally designed and tailored to fit ...  a wedding website you'll be proud to share.  


While wedding stationery is undeniably pleasurable, using less of it reduces the demand and depletion of natural resources which ultimately end up in our landfills. Emailing a link to your website has approximately 1/60th the footprint of posting, and is clearly a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of inviting large numbers of guests from around New Zealand and the world.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you're planning a lavish celebration or a simple ceremony under a pohutukawa tree, there's no easier or more immediate way to communicate with your wedding guests. Your website is "responsive " which means it will look good on phones, tablets, laptops and PCs,  24/7 from Kaitaia to Bluff and around the world.

Share information

Do you have a Wedding Registry? Would you rather receive money for a honeymoon, donate to a favourite Charity or say "No" to presents? Share the story of how you met, introduce your Bridal Party or tell everyone to wear their family tartan! A wedding website is the perfect place to share all the important information and special requests.

Event guide +

Share the exciting news of your upcoming Wedding. Give guests information about the venue, the location, how to get there, where to stay and what to do; add links to useful websites and a custom map so they can plot their route; advise them to pack thermals or bring golf clubs; arrange a casual meal before the wedding or a brunch the next day. Share the inside scoop on cafés, walking tracks, markets, local artists, bicycle hire ... Your guests will love it!

Wedding Invitation +

Wedding invitations can be emailed in a style befitting a wedding. Lovebyte use professional software to set up and email individual wedding invitations to all your guests, linking to your wedding website and online RSVP. There's no need to spend your precious time hand writing dozens of envelopes, paying for stamps, sticking them on and never really knowing if your invitations arrived safely.


RSVP Online

Your guests receive their email invitation, visit your wedding website and love it! They can RSVP to the Wedding, accept the brunch, decline the cocktails and order the Vietnamese Beef Salad. This is event planning made easy!

Save time

Receive an email notification each time an RSVP is submitted and get all responses in a spreadsheet upon conclusion. Too easy!  

Stay in touch

Your guests can book their accommodation, find out about an impromptu gathering and navigate their way to the wedding venue, all from their mobile. Share your wedding, from beginning to end and everything in between. 

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Pricing & Info

questions and answers

Pricing & Info

questions and answers

An online wedding invitation can complement or replace traditional stationery, taking wedding invitations to a whole new level. You can communicate detailed arrangements for a lavish celebration, an intimate ceremony or an impromptu wedding with ease and style.

Why have a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is the perfect place to share information. It's accessible 24/7 and can be viewed on screens around the world. You can communicate detailed travel arrangements for a dream wedding in an exotic location, or an intimate ceremony close to home. From a simple online invitation with time, date, venue & RSVP, to a comprehensive guide to travel, accommodation and sightseeing, you decide how much or how little to include. You can advise guests of pre- and post-wedding events, with links to locations, maps and relevant websites: avoid having to respond to 50 separate emails with the same information. Keep track of RSVPs, save time and money on printing & postage, quickly communicate a change of plans, link to your online gift registry, share photos via instagram and Save the Planet while you’re at it! Bring to life a wedding invitation that blends beautifully with your wedding.  

Why choose a Lovebyte Wedding Website?

You'll get a beautiful, custom-crafted online wedding invitation made by a qualified Web Designer, who will ensure a seamless experience from beginning to end. Deal directly with a real person, based in Auckland, New Zealand, offering friendly and knowledgeable support throughout the process. No DIY. No stress. No guesswork. 

When you choose Lovebyte, you step away from the world of free templates, mass production and DIY. You enter a niche space where your website is professionally designed and tailored to fit your wedding. 

Still need convincing? Here's what some of my clients said:

♥  Sandie was an absolute pleasure to work with. 
♥  Sandie you just bought me tears!!! It so amazing and your wording is fantastic!!!
♥  We were really pleased with our end product and have had awesome feedback from our guests. 
♥  Everybody was highly impressed with the fact that it was so easy to get wedding details.
♥  We're really happy with the website! Thanks for all your efforts.
♥  I love my invite, smile every time I hear the song!  
♥  It's perfect, thank you sooo much!
♥  Awesome website. I love it, thank you!
♥  Really cool idea and an innovative way to send invites.
♥  I was 100% happy with the website, it looked FAB and was just what I wanted.
♥  Guests commented how special it was to receive an invite online, especially with music.
♥  Sandie listened to what we wanted and created a beautiful site that was easy to navigate.
♥  We've received great feedback...a reflection on you and the quality you produce.

How much does it cost?  

A Lovebyte Wedding Website costs $650.00. Beautiful, Unique, Eco-Friendly … and Affordable! 

♥ A tailor-made Lovebyte Wedding Website online for up to 12 months

♥ Professionally custom designed to your brief. No DIY.

♥ Optimised for Mobile

♥ Free domain name (12 months)

♥ Online RSVP

♥ Password Protection {Optional}

♥ Email Wedding Invitations {Optional}

Price in $NZD. GST not applicable. A 50% deposit is required prior to commencement with the balance payable upon completion. 

How long will it take?

A lot depends on the speed of communication and decision making, but it tends to take around 3-4 weeks to design and create your site and finesse it to perfection.  It works best if all your information and files are provided prior to commencement.

How do we get started?

It all begins with your wedding.  The process starts with you telling and showing me as much as possible about your wedding themes and inspiration. Do you have a Mood Board or a Pinterest page? These are both excellent ways of visually conveying the styles that inspired your wedding. The more detail you can share with me about your design themes, colour schemes, venue location and anything else that has influenced the overall look and feel of your wedding, the more quickly and succinctly I can capture your design style on screen. Simply send me all your information by email or if you have pictures and video files which are too heavy to email, you can use Dropbox or another similar file sharing application.

Ideally, you will be able to provide me with a few high resolution images to work with. Some couples have pre-wedding photo shoots and videos made as part of their wedding photography package, which completely personalises your wedding website. We can use favourite photos, romantic holiday pics or publicity shots from your wedding venue. Stock imagery, illustrations and video files can also be obtained on your behalf for free, or for a fee, depending on the source. 

Tip: Using professional photographs and video of yourselves really adds WOW Factor to your Wedding Website

How do we send the invitations?

Some couples still prefer the pleasure of paper, so sending invitations by email is an optional inclusion. If you decide to dive into digital, I'll send your email invitations using custom software that delivers in style.  One of the advantages of using professional email software to send your wedding invitations is that we can keep track of which emails were delivered, opened and even clicked. 

Tip: Getting email addresses correct can be a bit of a mission, so it's a good idea to start early.

Will our website work on mobiles?

Yes. Your wedding website is created for modern browsers and mobile devices, employing the latest HTML, CSS and javascript techniques. Mobile technology is constantly evolving and slight variations sometimes occur due to browser version or individual device set-up.  I will guide you, where necessary, in the direction that will ensure the best experience for your guests within the constraints of your website structure.

Tip: A Wedding website optimised for mobiles makes it super easy for your guests to find their way to your wedding venue!

Can you make changes for us after the website is complete?

A few minor tweaks are free of charge, but for any significant alterations, an hourly fee may apply.


Ready to begin? Lets get started! 





If you make an enquiry, you supply your name, email address and phone number, so that I may respond to your enquiry promptly. If you choose to proceed, I collate information, images and related material in order to create a website that fulfills the scope of your brief. 

Anything that you supply to Lovebyte throughout this process will be used solely for the purpose of creating your website. I will not, at any stage, share, re-use, re-distribute or sell any of your personal information or images.


Wedding Websites

A Wedding website allows you to share information with ease and is accessible to anyone, provided they know the domain name. Password Protection is available with your Wedding Website, which means guests will need to enter a password in order to view your site. Password protection is not infallible, and passwords should not be disclosed to anyone other than those intended.

Lovebyte Wedding Websites are hosted on a secure server network. Passwords, SSL encryption, disk­ based encryption, firewalls and a variety of other industry­ standard access controls are in place to help protect your data. 



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